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CWYW automatically builds a bibliography from the citations you insert. A citation is a reference that appears in the text of your document.

Typically it includes either the year of publication or a reference number.

If Journals are already present in the list, delete them (some may have info in wrong column) To do this: Select all journals, then click DELETE TERMSelect LISTS tab Select JOURNALS Select IMPORT LIST Open Terms List folder in (usually found at: C://Program Files/Endnote/Term Lists) Double Click on the list you want to import Click the OK button The list you imported may not have all the journals you want.

You can update the list to add journal titles from the citations in your library You can edit the list to add or modify journal names/abbreviations To Update the List: Click UPDATE LIST BUTTON Click OK button To Edit the List: Select TERMS tab: You will see a list of full journal names and their abbreviations If information is missing or incorrect, edit or add it here Name of Style you want to edit.

Current versions of Endnote allow for easy syncing to an Endnote Online account.

Note: MSU users have access to Endnote Online Premium as long as they are at MSU.

You can insert citations anytime during your writing process.

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The References menu contains the options for manipulating references, such as creating a new reference, editing or deleting an existing reference, or showing and hiding selected records.

These accounts have more features and options than those included in the free Endnote Online Basic accounts.