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26-Jan-2016 21:02

These men may refer to themselves as being “on the down low,” “on the DL,” or “on the low low.” The term has most often been associated with African American men.Although the term originated in the African American community, the behaviors associated with the term are not new and not specific to black men who have sex with men.

CDC’s research and on-the-ground HIV prevention efforts will continue as more information about the demographics and HIV risk behaviors of men who do and men who do not identify with the down low becomes available.

Men who discreetly have sex with other men while in sexual relationships with women are said to be on the "down low" (or "dl" for short).

Often these men do not consider themselves gay or bisexual and their female partners are not aware that they have sex with other men, thus the term "down low" or "in hiding". The issue of men having sex with other men, unbeknownst to their wives and girlfriends, captured wide media attention in the early 2000's after several articles on the subject were reported in major newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.

Another source told us they are "hanging out" but are not exclusive.

"Hailey likes him so time will tell," the insider dished. You have to have really thick skin and be very strong., is “to keep something private,” whether that refers to information or activity.