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13-Apr-2016 03:18

Pick her up around 7, home by 11 and possibly a sneaky kiss in the car out front.Then the wait to see if the young man was going to call you on the telephone and ask you out on another date…butterflies, the chatting to your siblings and friends about how he pulled the seat out for you to sit down on.The conversation he would have to have with your Dad (as you still lived at home until you got married) before he was allowed to take you out. Nowadays, you head out in a group, go to wherever is popular at the time, (and cheap) drink enough alcohol to hope that you find someone slightly attractive, try to have a conversation BUT the music is so friggen loud you have to do sign language or just nod and laugh and hope what they are talking about is at least slightly funny!!!You awkwardly flirt for a while, usually to find out an hour later that he is married or has a girlfriend (from his mates of course, not from him!!! Let’s get back to basics and actually get to know people, have a conversation, it couldn’t hurt.The Art Directors Guild’s 20th annual Excellence in Production Design Awards will be held January 31, 2016 at the Beverly Hilton, the group said today.This year’s awards included a Period Film victory for Adam Stockhousen for The Grand Budapest Hotel, which went on to take the same honor at the Oscars.Valentine's Day is fast approaching so we've enlisted the very charming, very handsome service expert Fred Sirieix to give us his top tips when it comes to romance this February 14th.

I used to have a roommate that would literally copy paste word document that he crafted through private messages on Facebook and send the same shit to multiple girls but would just change the name in the message to the corresponding girl.

April Bompas & Parr invite guests to Alcoholic Architecture for a night of shared olfactory stimulations and intimate explorations of personality, via the pit.

Pheromone dating of the past has given insight into your genetic compatibility.

The advantage of Romancing the Armpit speed dating is added awkwardness, giving a telling insight into their personality.

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Further, what’s the point in matching genetically with an armpit that belongs to an aesthetically intolerable face or nauseating character?

Well these days, you can kick off this conversation through DMing or direct messaging that person.

Tu vas pouvoir les voir en CAM mais aussi les entendre !… continue reading »

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